Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Please join us in celebrating the LNACC's 50th Anniversary by visiting the exhibit, "Building Our Own Community: 50 Years of the Latino Native American Cultural Center, Founded by Chicano and American Indian Students in 1971," located in the Main Library Gallery through June 25, 2021. 

Spring 2021 Semester Hours: The Main Library Gallery will have both appointments and general open hours available.

Private appointments are available Monday - Tuesday between 9:00am and 4:00pm.

LNACC 50th Anniversary Flyer

In 2021, the Latino Native American Cultural Center (LNACC) celebrates its 50th anniversary. Created in 1971 by Chicano and American Indian students, LNACC has a long and important history at the University of Iowa. This exhibition will share that history in depth, and will explore its establishment in the 1970s, its activism and programs, and much more. LNACC continues to be an active advocate, supporter, and resource for Latino and Native American students at the University of Iowa.

“The Center over the years has provided shelter, friends, music, theater, dance, poetry, books, and many, many discussions which were useful to balance the one-sided education most Chicanos and Native Americans received elsewhere.” -Antonio Zavala, co-founder of LNACC.

Exhibition curation: Rachel Garza Carreón and Christopher Ortega

From the Curators:
The Latino Native American Cultural Center is a living being that carries ancestral knowledge and history through the liveliness in our students’ celebrations, passions, and the overall vibrancy of the center. Celebrating our daily existence and our ancestors is a value that we honor when being of service to the students, community, and future generations.